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USB-HID comm. on stm32f2xx

Question asked by rock.swer on Nov 10, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by Chinzei.Tsuneo
My question is about usb-hid protocol which is on stm32f2xx.
I have already use hid communcation on my pic32 project.
I just use control endpoint in order to send and receive data.No other endpoints are used.
without a problem I have been using this code on my pic32.

On the stm32fxx I tried to modificate description table as my needs. Even though it is said in this release 
library can handle only IN traffic, I am able to enable OUT traffic also.

But there is a strange problem I couldn't understand.
After 1024 data package send from HOST(computer) to device(stm32f2xx) , device doesn't respond and freeze,
as I said that each package consists of 64 bytes.

How can I make this straight ? Any help will be appreciated.

{ USB On-The-Go host and device library -  PAGE 39
HID user interface
The USBD_HID_SendReport can be used by the application to send HID reports, the HID 
driver, in this release, handles only IN traffic. }