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RF feature of STM32W108CB microcontroller

Question asked by Kavita on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by Kavita
I want to establish a simple point to point RF communication using STM32w108CB microcontroller. I used the STM32w RF control kit to understand how to use the RF feature. I find the simpleMAC library file for example has the all the necessary functions to establish the RF communication. Now I want to use the STM32w108CB microcontroller to perform the similar task. I built the similar antenna circuit as of the evaluation board and also I copied the simpleMAC library file into my project.  But I could not program the RF to transmit data. It gives me lot of errors.

I have already programmed the STM32w108CB to acquire data from a sensor and store it in DMA memory. Now I need to transfer this data to a receiver using RF. My question is is there any library that I need to include in the project file to use the RF feature?

I modified the sample code given for the evaluation board to allow the SPI to acquire data and transmit the data wirelessly from one board to another evaluation board. I programmed one board as transmitter and other as a receiver. The program works perfect and I view all the data in a hyperterminal window. Since all the library features and files are already given for the board, I could easily establish the RF communication. But how do I establish the similar communication using STM32W108CB?

What are all the library files that I need to add to use the RF feature of the microcontroller. Because details of all other peripherals are given in the STM32w108xx_StdPeriph_Driver.