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Default Interrupt priority levels and no of levels?

Question asked by samath.john on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2014 by knik
I if will be great if some one clarify me the following,

* What is the default interrupt priorities?

When I read using either     
priority4 = NVIC_GetPriority(UART4_IRQn);

priority4 = NVIC->IP[EXTI4_IRQn];
it always returns 0.

* How many priority levels?

On the RM0090 reference manual Pg249 NIVC features says '16 programmable priority levels', but Table 45. on priority column the level goes up to 88. Please explain me this.

Also on PM0214 Programming manual, Pg201 4.3.7 Interrupt priority registers(NVIC_IPRx) it says '8 bit priority' field.