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driving power stages for two bi-polar stepper motors with single STM32F4?

Question asked by grabner.markus on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2013 by fm

The STM32F4 would be ideally suited to drive the power stages (H-bridges) for two bi-polar stepper motors in micro-stepping mode without external circuitry if it had four complementary outputs for timers 1 and 8 each. However, timer channel 4 lacks the complementary output according to the reference manual (figures 99 and 100), and there are no TIM1_CH4N and TIM8_CH4N pins. Of course this could be simulated by explicitly programming individual port pins, but we are looking for a simple and precise solution, preferably based on the PWM generators with dead-time generation and DMA-controlled update of the duty cycle.

I can hardly believe that ST missed the opportunity to enter this market by just arbitrarily omitting such a feature, so my question is if there is a different (simple) way to achieve the same (driving 8 complementary MOSFET stages, i.e., 4 H-bridges). I found several articles in this forum discussing the complementary outputs, but none answering the above question. Does anybody have an idea?

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