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how to sync two stm32 chips' DMA section?

Question asked by woo.morgan on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by fm
i have three stm32f1x chips working with one  oscillator on the same pcb board. it works well. the three chips, let's say A, B, C, A as master chip, B and C as slave chips. now i need to achieve very high speed communication between the master chip(A) and the slave chips(B & C) without CPU's intervention.

i want to use SPI function to sync the DMA sections between A and B/C. first, to set up two seperate DMA sections inside chip A, as DMA_A_1 and DMA_A_2. i want to sync DMA_A_1 with DMA_B, to sync DMA_A_2 with DMA_C all the time. but STM32 doesn't support QSPI function. is there any feasible way to do this? any idea?