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TIM15 can be synchronized with TIM16

Question asked by anisimov.evgeniy on Oct 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2013 by waclawek.jan
Why synchronize TIM15 with TIM16?
CPU: STM32F100C8T6
From datasheet (Doc ID 16455 Rev 3) "TIM15 can be synchronized with TIM16 and TIM17."
From STM32F10xxx Reference manual:
"14.5.3 TIM15 slave mode control register (TIM15_SMCR)
Bits 6:4 TS[2:0]: Trigger selection
This bitfield selects the trigger input to be used to synchronize the counter.
010: Internal Trigger 2 (ITR2)
011: Internal Trigger 3 (ITR3)
100: TI1 Edge Detector (TI1F_ED)
101: Filtered Timer Input 1 (TI1FP1)
110: Filtered Timer Input 2 (TI2FP2)
See Table 63: TIMx Internal trigger connection on page 337 for more details on ITRx meaning
for each Timer.
Table 63. TIMx Internal trigger connection(1)
 Slave TIM
  ITR2 (TS = 010)  ITR3 (TS = 011) 
 TIM15  TIM16 TIM17
1. When a timer is not present in the product, the corresponding trigger ITRx is not available."

But in register CR2 of TIM16 is not MMS bits, and I can not assign update event as trigger output (TRGO). Why assign TRGO in TIM16/17?