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STM32F429 and AMOLED screen

Question asked by karpavicius.linas on Oct 26, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2013 by karpavicius.linas
for my project i need to connect HTC Desire screen to STM32F429. it has 800x480x16b resolution, RGB565 standart.

To get best peformance, should i use original SDRAM (like in SDTM32F429i_DISCO board), or it would be faster to use SRAM like IS61WV102416BLL-10TLI?

And if yes, how much different programming would be, to be able run original STM32F429i-disco programs (Segger UI)? (i only should do config, and rest is fine ?, address looks like will be the same for FMC controller )

Also will i fit into this memory my design ? 800x480 use 384k*16, so with 1M*16 i should be fine ?

Many thanks for any help on this question