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booting from bank 2 of STM32F4x9_eval

Question asked by sink on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2013 by sink
I run a program fine on bank 1. Then programmed BFB2 to 1. (BOOT0 = 0).
Compile Blinky to 0x08100000 and load it. Checked the flash by stlink-util and see
0000: 20000468 081001c1.
Those are correspondent to the .map file of STACK and reset_handler. Ok, good to go.
Of course it won't work.
I fired up the Keil debugger. found it began at 0x1fff 4abe, it's the bootloader. Fine, which is consistent to document. When BFB2 is 1, it will go to boot loader, then jump to bank 2.
content on memory windows that shows normal too.

then after a few steps (0x1fff4ac6). PC become 0x081001c0. all the flash contect become FF. I checked again the content by stlink. It's still valid, not FF. and of course. The PC is not the address of reset_handler. 
Somewhere in bootloader didn't go as I hope. (load SP from 0x08100000, and jump to 0x08100004 -> 0x081001c1 (reset_handle).). 
I wonder what's go wrong....
The hardware is the STM32F4x9_EVAL.