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SPI1 + MEMS, interface speed issue

Question asked by razr.razr on Oct 24, 2013
I've discovered something quite interesting and annoying at the same time, let me share this in case someone stumbles upon a same issue.
I use SPI1 in STM32F103RC and STM32F4Discovery to communicate with ADIS16405 MEMS sensor and a SD card. A few weeks ago everything worked perfectly, but currently it's not and I wasn't sure why. The data I was receiving through SPI was corrupted or random.
The solution I've discovered is to combine SPI1 prescalers with different APB2 Bus divisors, and so it goes as follows:
MEMS sensor works only when I divide:
APB2 by 2 and SPI1 by 256 
APB2 by 4 and SPI1 by 128
or APB by 8+ and SPI1 doesnt care

The only SD card  issue with STM32F4 was that it worked with every APB2 divider and SPI1 prescaler except SPI1_Prescaler_4.
SPI2/3 both work as intended.
I've invested quite some time in finding this issue which on the first hand shouldn't exist at all but I'm glad it works now.