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DCD_DevDisconnect doesn't work

Question asked by zhao.frank on Oct 20, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2013 by Amel N
I have a simple task, to cause a USB disconnection and reconnection when I boot my STM32F2.

I tried using DCD_DevDisconnect after initializing the core (I am using the HS core, no DMA, not in OTG mode), but my USB analyzer (Beagle USB 12, it's hardware based and analyzes signals, not just a software filter) shows that no disconnection ever occurs.

I tried setting the D+ and D- pins to output mode and then outputting logic low, but that also does not cause a disconnection event on the bus. This is very strange!

The only thing I can do to cause a disconnection event is to physically unplug the cable, which I want to avoid.

The device I made enumerates correctly, so all my clocks are setup correctly and initializations are done properly.

What am I doing wrong with regards to DCD_DevDisconnect?

If it matters, my circuit does not have a pull-up resistor on any of the USB data lines. Also my host is a Playstation 3, but I don't think this matters.