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stm32f407 use emwin problem

Question asked by shen.cheng on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by macfarlane.ken
I just want change to MCU from f103 to f407 and change my ucgui code into emwin style, so there is problem i want to create a window to show i created it then call GUI_Exec(); in while (1) loop
i found lcd init is fine, but nothing displayed
i added write pixel in _SetPixelIndex function
read pixel in _GetPixelIndex function

so what should i do? 

Attach file is my code
WindowDLG is window which i created
Template is LCD driver which i use
LCD_9320 is the LCD basic function all this functions works fine which i used old  mcu and ucgui
LCDConf is conf file
Private.h in my understand is head file to public LCD funtion likes draw pixel or get pixel something

btw i used emwin lib which keil provide