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How to get actual value of RTC Autowakeup Timer

Question asked by Murat Ursavas [KMT] on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by kaplan.itay
As you know Autowakeup timer is the only Stop Mode active timer in STM32L. The other timers are all off. I don't have any problems with this timer. I can adjust the period and can get the interrupt right on time. Sometimes I need to synchronize my virtual timers with the actual value of RTC Autowakeup Timer. But seems like there is no way to get the timers actual value like the other timers. Looks like we only can kick the timer with the desired period and can get the interrupt. But the core has no idea about the actual value of the timer. I haven't see any registers within the RTC registers list.

Is there a way to get this timer value?