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STM32F407 + KSZ8031

Question asked by titov.ilia on Oct 10, 2013
made a pcb with KSZ8031 physics, everything is connected correctly (checked back a hundred times), downloaded example STM32F4x7_ETH_LwIP_V1.1.0, rewritten for RMII , based on its layout, software reset run ok, ETH_Init too, but then the questions arise:

1. ETH_Init returns "success" ( 1 ) at any address of physics, although the idea in RMII mode, the address of the chip must be 0x00;
2 . reading any register of physics returns 0xFFFF;
3 . not yet invented ;

tacts for the ethernet generates by KSZ8031, oscilloscope cycles seen, if unsolder PA2 - software reset and initialization fails , from which I conclude that the connection I have no problem , the problem is in the software ..

running the whole thing under the FreeRTOS, with ethernet I encountered for the first time , so many do not understand and I strictly do not judge, but to help the guru advice.