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SWD Hardware question

Question asked by hello188 on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by qubas
Hi, I am new to the STM32 MCU.

I am confused as to how to do In-circuit Serial programming with STM32F0 processors.
F0 line doesn't seem to have JTAG option, but it has SWD option.

So, For SWD, how should the DATA,CLK,/RST line for the ICSP look like?

can i just directly connect the two without any pull-up/down resistors?

In other words, if I make the connection as below, would my development environmen recognize the STM32F0 MCU via STLINK/V2 and be able to both program and debug it?
STM32           STLINK/V2
GND     <===>   GND
VDD      <===>   VDD
/RST     <===>    /RST

Thank you.