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STM32F4 multiple USB devices?

Question asked by grabner.markus on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by rai.nis

I would like to use the USB interface of the STM32F4 in device mode such that it appears on the bus as two separate devices (a virtual COM port and a vendor-specific device) using ST's USB implementation ( I was able to use the VCP example provided by ST, and could also create a vendor-specific interface, but I don't know how to combine both into a single program. I looked at the dual-core example, but as far as I understand, this only works if one device uses the full-speed core and the other device the high-speed core. I also tried to create a single USB configuration with two interface descriptors (one for the VCP, the second for the vendor-specific interface), but this wasn't successful either.

Can anybody please explain how such a multi-device setup can be implemented with the STM32F4?

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