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STM32 Windows USB VCP Driver

Question asked by LEVENE.Sylvain on Oct 9, 2013
I'm currently working on a new board designed around a STM32F407VE without any major problem.
I'm using the STM32F407 as an USB VCP device to communicate with a control application running or with a terminal on Windows.
 I use ST VCP driver 1.3.1 which works in major case.

My problem appears when I want to transmit on the USB the binary value: 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF in the same frame then the USB device is marked as stall (reported by USBlyzer).
The stall condition appears when the 0xFFFFFFFF value is received or send from the VCP windows driver.

I try on Linux through the /dev/ttyACM0 and gtkterm, the data are well received and sent.

Has someone experienced the same problem? is this on issue on VCP windows driver or update since 2010?

Thanks for help.