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STM32F427 adding SDRAM with NOR Flash and SSD1963 to FMC

Question asked by p.charles on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by John F.
Dear All,

If I use the FMC external bus to drive SDRAM and also some NOR flash and a display via an SSD1963, do you recommend buffering the bus between the SDRAM and the Flash / Display?
I've looked at various application notes for other CPUs, and also the schematics of the new Eval boards, and they seem to contradict each other.
A note on the schematic for the STM324x9I-EVAL board asks for the SDRAM signals (Data / Address / Control) to be the same length, and has no buffer.
Not sure at what length of trace, this becomes critical for the SDRAM.

An application note from ST might help, if one exists?