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SDIO high-speed problem

Question asked by zhang.xiao_qi on Oct 7, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2013 by fm
hi there,first,apologized for my poor English.I'm a beginner of STM MCU.
I have a problem when I want to turn on SD card High-speed mode.
I port FATFS on my board successfully and I can send data into my SDHC card successfully.
When I want to change my SDIO_CLK from 25MHz to50MHz,I encountered some problem.
After I set SDIO_InitStructure.SDIO_ClockBypass from SDIO_ClockBypass_Disable to SDIO_ClockBypass_Enable and called function SD_HighSpeed(),my program runs Smoothly.
But after I checked the SD card ,I found that It wasnt written anything by Fatfs.
Can anyone that is familiar with SDIO module give me some tips about it?
My card is Sandisk  class 10 16GB SDHC,and my board is STM32F4_EVB with STM32F417IG.
Thanks for your patient.