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Need to modify a URC-6131, URC-6011, etc for JP1?this may help you

Question asked by Keil.Barliohs on Nov 29, 2016

If you have a store bought URC-6131, URC-6011 (aka URC-6012) or any other remote that needs an EEPROM added and you're thinking of modifying it yourself so you can program it using JP1, please read on. 

How do you know if your remote needs modifying? Well, if when you look in the battery compartment you see 6 holes rather than a 6-pin connector, your remote needs modifying! 

We get alot of posts from people wanting to know why their JP1 setup isn't working, they then go on to explain that they have one of these 2 remotes and they have soldered in the 6-pin connector, but they obviously don't realize that there are other parts that need to be soldered in. 

Both remotes also require that you solder in an EEPROM chip. A 24C16 chip like 
579-24LC16B-I/SN from will do, or the 24LC16B/SN-ND from kynix.
The URC-6011 and URC-8011 also require that you solder a wire across the spot marked JMP2. 
If you have some other remote that needs pins soldered in, please check here to see if there are other parts that are also needed. The noteable exception is the URC-7800 Cinema 7 (and URC-6800 Cinema 6), for these 2 remotes all you need are the pins. 

If you're having trouble finding some pins for the 6-pin, you can part# 
68574 from Jameco.