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STM32F407 Isochronous Feedback problem

Question asked by melnyk.ostap on Oct 3, 2013
Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on a USB application on a STM32F407, using the Audio Class,
I trying to run asynchronous mode with the explicit feedback through feedback EP,
and after some long work and extensive reading USB specification and Audio Class specification of course, I am stuck.

I am using STM OTG Driver v2.1 and a modified example of USB audio. I described the endpoint for the explicit feedback in the tag and index it in the field bmSync in OUT EP, but he can not wait to EPIN interrupt for this point.
The device is detected correctly, I changed the sample rate and so on, everything works ok, except for the synchronization ... How should send feedback data synchronization?
Would it be of any help if I tried the explicit feedback approach, which is needed for an async sink? Maybe anyone has sample code for STM32F4?

In any case, I would be grateful for any input on the subject. I can provide some of my code if necessary.

I apologize for my English.