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STM32F103RE choosing class for adc data acquisition

Question asked by hadidi.ahmadreza on Sep 27, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2013 by hadidi.ahmadreza
Hello every body
I wanna to make a device that has following features:
  • Acquiring 3648  analog data from a TCD1304 linear sensor at least in 200K sample per second speed
  • data should be taken 3 to 100 times in a second (100 * 3648 * 12bit Data)
  • time between data acquisitions could be set by the computer
  • All the data should be sent to PC by USB port
  • Some settings are sent to the device from PC by LABVIEW using USB

for this, i found that the stm32f103RE is a good choice for me to do this (isn't?)
now i want to ask what USB class should i use to do this work?
is the USB speed in this mcu good for my work?
i should send 3648 * 2(byte) * 100(times) data in a second.
can i use HID class for this purpose?

and many other questions after founding the answer of these ones!