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Ethernet DMA status enter state TPS 010 for indefinite time

Question asked by vic on Sep 23, 2013
I'm trying to use LwIP stack. I've set the PHY to advertise for 10M half duplex and autonegociation on. All registers of interest MAC, PHY and DMA are recorded into flash for monitoring purposes. After ethernet configuration hello_init a arp gratuition is sent and then arp queries at every 5 s. However the ethernet frame is never sent on phy. After netif->linkoutput is called the DMA status stays at : 00260400. (transmit waiting for status). Time stamp is not set and the configuration regs are:
MAC Configuration      -0000A40C
DMA Bus Mode:          -02820100
DMA Operation Mode -07202042
Interrupt Enable            -00010040

While TDES0               -B0D00000
          RDES0               -80000000
Thanks in advance for any help provided.