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EEPROM emulation erases page1 on startup

Question asked by Martin Davey on Sep 23, 2013
Hi All,

It seems that with the ST EEPROM (V1.0.0) emulation routines, page 1 is erased every time at power up.

On page 7 of AN4061, it shows that if page 0 is valid, page 1 is erased anyway. If you follow the chart through below to the right hand side, through VALID_PAGE -> Page1 Status ->Erased.

Seems like this will have significant impact on the flash's life time, especially if you have a product that gets power cycled on a regular basis.


Is this actually supposed to happen? Stepping through the code, this does actually happen also.

However, if this operation is intentional, is this done because actually erasing this page when already blank (I.E all 1's) has no impact on the flash's life?