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STemWin on stm32f4 discovery problem

Question asked by sen.tapabrata on Sep 21, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Dhafer AMRI

     I'm using stm32f4discovery-BB board andTFT LCD (SSD2119 LCD driver) from Embest technology, I've ported all themodules on the Discovery with the help of the STemWin example on stm324xG-Evalboard as far as I understood. But now the display goes on blinking continuouslywhenever I run my program. Can someone suggest me what could be the problems Ineed to look back again???

   Also I couldn't make out why in the givenexample FSMC Bank 1 NOR/SRAM2 in initialised in SRAM_Init() while in actualparrarel interface for the LCD occurs in FSMC Bank 1 NOR/SRAM3...Please someonegive some clue. I'm trying out all sorts of modifications but unable figure outthe root of the problem. Something I must be missing.