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Does anyone actually use the register names to program?

Question asked by c.adam on Sep 20, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by c.adam
That may seem like a bit of a pretentious question, but it is not intended to be so.  I am new to STM32 products, coming from PIC and dsPIC devices.  There are some changes that I am wrapping my head around, though nothing too bad. 

I have noticed that there is a tendency to not use the actual register names to set a value, but to use the structs and the defines in the header files to accomplish the programming.  This is not bad per say, though I really dislike digging through header files as documentation.  I like to be able to use a datasheet/addendum to have all the registers and then setting a value in that register.

Perhaps I am just missing something.  I would really love to hear some thoughts on this.  Perhaps there is other documentation that I am missing.  Thanks again.  I am looking forward to getting beyond the blinking lights and really using this device for something useful.