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I2C2 on STM32F050XX MCU

Question asked by yang.shuozhi on Sep 6, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by Amel N
Hi STM32F0 fellows, 

I played with the STM32F0-Discovery board, which comes with STM32F051R8T6, in the preparation of my coming project. In particular, I made use of the second I2C peripheral (I2C2 via PF6/PF7) available on the STM32F051R8T6 MCU; however, I made a mistake when I created my BOM for my project PCBA, in which I ordered STM32F050C6 instead of STM32F051R8T6 without noticing the difference.

I migrated all the program developed on the STM32F0-Discovery board to my project without having any problem so far. Today when I was reviewing the design, I surprisingly found that STM32F050C6 only has one I2C peripheral, referring to the STM32F050XX datasheet. To my understanding, in this case I2C2 via PF6/PF7 should not even work on my project board. I double checked the I2C2 peripheral configuration, registers and working status, and everything seemed to be working perfectly well.

I am wondering if this is a common situation or something unexpected, and if the performance/stability of the "hidden" I2C2 in STM32F050C6 can be guaranteed. I still have time to redesign the board if it is undependable.  

The following is the MCU I placed in my BOM:
ARM Cortex-M0 MCU, 32K-Flash, 4K-RAM, LQFP48     STM32F050C6

Please advice.

Thank you very much in advance!