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RTC Calibration STM32F205

Question asked by Adriano.Shadow.Brazil on Sep 6, 2013
I'm trying to calibrate the difference of 512Hz at the out  where PC13 possess 511.936Hz which causes about 10 seconds per day delay in the RTC. I'm making the form below, I wonder where I'm going wrong, not because it was effective, I do not find application notes with the correct sequence programming

//   ((511.936-511.968)/511.9868) x 1 E06 =   -62,5
//   Looking in calibration table, the nearest compensation value is 65

//  And then: 

status_error = RTC_CoarseCalibConfig(RTC_CalibSign_Positive, 65);
status_error = RTC_CoarseCalibCmd(ENABLE); 

Does not effect !!!!!!! Somebody help me