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stm32 USB OTG Host doen't work with some usb-devices

Question asked by biryukov.maxim on Sep 6, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by amaini.rafik

Hello. I am trying to use usb host in stm32f105. Done everything according to reference manual, usb libs, application notes, etc. The host works,but not always. To be more exact: not with all usb-devices. Keyboards, mouses, 3G modem work fine.

But most flash memory sticks don't work. I tried about 10 different sticks and only 2 of them work. USB hubs don't work either. With such devices I get TXERR interrupt when sending the very first SETUP packet (to get dev descr). 

I sniffed the bus and discovered that those sticks don't even try to reply anything. I see the packets issued by stm32 and after second EOP the bus remains idle. Any ideas why this happens? And how to fix? Any help will behighly appreciated.