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STM32F207 does not wake up from STOP mode with RTC using LSI

Question asked by ROBERTO ARRIBAS on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2013 by ROBERTO ARRIBAS
Hi, i'm working with a STM32F207VGT and i dont achieve to wake up my board from STOP mode with the RTC. The RTC is configured with the LSI because the external crystal for LSE is not mounted.
I have read another post where it says "The RTC however does have a dependency on the VBAT supply, and only LSE is in the backup power domain (F1/F2/F4). LSI will not tick when the primary regulators turn off." This could be the reason, but on the STM32 reference manual says that the IWDG works with the LSI, and the board wakes up from STOP mode due to the watchdog (it really resets), so LSI should be working.

Any idea why the RTC using LSI is not working?

Thanks in advance