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USB mass storage in RAM

Question asked by John on Sep 1, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2013 by John
Dear All,
I'm working on use RAM memory from STM32F205 on mz custom PCB to run code from STM32_USB-Host-Device_Lib_V2.1.0 under Iar workbench. From mass storage device example workspace I removed all board specific calls lik LCD logger and SD card and changed them to write/read from my uin8_t usbDisk[0x1000] buffer placed in RAM. I can see that device is connected in device manager Win7 without any yellow marks, but when the OS wants to format removable device I got "Windows was unable to complete the format". I can see that some SCSI commands are invoked like: SCSI_INQUIRY, SCSI_READ_FORMAT_CAPACITIES, SCSI_READ10, SCSI_MODE_SENSE6 and after device is detected in OS SCSI_TEST_UNIT_READY command is regular called.
You can see my changes in usbd_storage_msd.c file attached.

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