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LIS3DH Accelerometer interrupt to STM32L151

Question asked by pandey.amit on Aug 30, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by gregory.david.001
I am trying to interface LIS3DH Accelerometer over I2C to STM32l151rx series microcontroller , I am able to Read  X,Y,Z register  content , but i want to use the inbuilt motion detection interrupt feature of LIS3DH ,using INT1 output , here is an example of doing this

Write 27h into CTRL_REG1;      // Turn on the sensor with ODR = 10Hz normal mode.  Write 01h into CTRL_REG2;      // High-pass filter (HPF) enabled with 0.2Hz cut-off                         frequency for INT1 (AOI1) interrupt generation only.
Write 40h into CTRL_REG3;      // ACC AOI1 interrupt signal is routed to INT1 pin.
Write 88h into CTRL_REG4;      // Full Scale = +/-2 g with BDU and HR bits enabled.
Write 00h into CTRL_REG5;      // Default value. Interrupt signals on INT1 pin is not                         latched. Users don’t need to read the INT1_SRC                         register     to clear the interrupt signal.
    // configurations for wakeup and motionless detection
Write 08h into INT1_THS;          // Threshold (THS) = 8LSBs * 15.625mg/LSB = 125mg.
Write 32h into INT1_DURATION;      // Duration = 50LSBs * (1/10Hz) = 5s.
Write 95h into INT1_CFG;          // Enable XLIE, YLIE and ZLIE interrupt generation,

When i do this initialization it does not works , the Interrupt pin from Accelerometer  signals at nearly 1hz par second , and not based on motion , but this interrupt even comes when  no Initialization is  done for Accelerometer , why is it interrupting   at 1 Hz by default ,

while searching on this forum i found this thread

"iNEMO MEMS/STM32 Board"

where author says
" I have found the solution for this.In the application note CTRL_REG3 is metioned as the register to configure interruppt on INT1 pin but the correct configuration is use CTRL_REG6 bit 7 and bit 6(I2_CLICKen and I2_INT1) will enable tap and double tap interruppts on INT2 pin.(Tip:for tuning increase sampling rate (CTRL-REG1) increase time-limit value)."

Is there really an error in datasheet , and the example given above is wrong ?  the above st forum thread talks about Tap Detection , while i want settings for Motion detection interrupt .