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Leave dfu mode, boot0 pin HIGH STM32F105

Question asked by ioakim.stelios on Aug 27, 2013
Dear all,

I have read the discussion posted here but i think that my issue is a little bit different.
I have a device that can be controlled from a GUI software on the computer written in C#. The device is recognized as an HID but the hardware is such that if the USB cable was already plugged in when the device power was turned on it enters DFU mode automatically.

The GUI software will have a button that forces the device to leave DFU mode. To test this functionality I've used DFUse Demo application. However, when I press the leave DFU mode button the device disconnects but then again connects in DFU mode after a few seconds. This happens because the boot0 is held high as long as the USB cable is plugged in.

So is there a way of returning to the HID mode without modifying the hardware thus with boot0 kept high?