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Question asked by kovaliov.nikolaj on Aug 23, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by Clive One
Good day,

Have anybody make it work? I tried the example from:


But it does not work. I mean reading, writing functions.. I could only read the capacity, blocksize, RCA and cardtype.

I tried it with 2 cards. The first one is 8GB SDHC kingston card, the second is 2GB not SDHC one. Both the same results. 

This code should work, but it does not:

Status = SD_WriteBlock(buffer, address, 512);
Status = SD_WaitWriteOperation();
while(SD_GetStatus() != SD_TRANSFER_OK); 

From sdhc 8 gb card i get this info:

Capacity: 3504 MB; // Why not 8GB? 
Blocksize: 512;
RCA: 3350;
Cardtype: 2.

With 2GB card I get the capacity of 2GB..

But still board does not work with write and read functions..