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STM32F103 SDIO + USB FS Mass Storage, where to start ?

Question asked by rocca.stephane on Aug 16, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2015 by guler.umit
Hi all,

I'm looking for the best starting place (with ST examples, existing library...) to start the development of the following functions on STM32F103RC :
- USB Mass Storage at Full Speed,
- with an SD Card support (FAT16 could be enough, and faster ?), with SDIO+DMA driver for the best performance (SPI is too slow and needs too much RAM).

So I found a lot of community contributions that can be good starting places for me, and now I'd greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions about my project !

I've seen Clive1 shared a good starting place for STM32F4 :
Is it ported for STM32F103 ? Is there any equivalent ?

- I found this code by Nemuisan : Fat-FS with SDIO DMA for STM32F103 + USB Mass storage. Did anybody test that code already ?

- And that last code, where we can find an USB Mass Storage + SD card Bootloader, but with SPI mode for the SD card.

This last feature (SD card bootloader) is great, and I'd like to implement it too, but my first priority would be on the USB Mass Storage + SDIO driver...

Thanks a lot for your answers ;)