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CAN monitor Tool

Question asked by karadag.veysel on Aug 16, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2013 by karadag.veysel
Hi Every one ,

I want to study on CAN communication on STM32 based microcontroller. I don't have special CAN device for communication. Which monitor software and usb convertor is best choice for start? 

As I understand,  I need USB to CAN  device for monitor isseu. 

I found a lot of USB to CAN on different web site I cant be sure which one is demands my demands.

I need a PC software program and device .

-  Monitor CAN network. ( *free if possible ).
-  Simulate CAN like device . 
-  Cheap but also reliable hardware for CAN to USB converter.
-  Multiple software usage. * I dont want to stuck on one software solution.

I found these supplier,    
* Expensive and hard to find my local market.
Price is not bad, Also they have a local distributor.
German web site , I cant get price information. Also hard to find local .