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STM32F051 IAP w/o a pushbutton

Question asked by Mike U on Aug 15, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by Mike U

We are developing a product using a STM32F051 and want to be able to upgrade the code using IAP. I've been reading anything I can find, AN4065, the examples, etc. It seems like the general idea is that the micro powers up and looks at the state of a port pin to decide if it should start the IAP Driver. But, we won't be able to have that port pin available. The micro will be buried in a machine with only RX/TX and power and ground going to it. So, will I be able to set it up so that it initiates the IAP driver via a serial command anytime I want to?  Or, can I do this: Start up, init the UART, wait ~100ms for a command to initiate the IAP driver, if I don't get the command before 100ms start up normally.