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Internal OpAmp and ADC sample time

Question asked by de_haas.volker on Aug 8, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2013 by John F.
I need to adjust the STM32F303 ADC sample time to fit to the internal OpAmp. I can't find any specification of the OpAmps output impedance to take it in account as R AIN for the sampling time table #66 in the data sheet of the MCU.
My only guess would be to take the max. output current of 600 µA assuming that this current will flow at a max. V out = V ref (in my case 3 V) and thus indicating an impedance of 5 kOhm (which would be pretty high for an OpAmp output and as an ADC input source).

Does anyone know the typical value? Is there any STM recommendation for the sample time when using the internal OpAmp-ADC path?