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Software vs Hardware resets

Question asked by Berge472 on Aug 5, 2013
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I have an application that is working fine when I have a hardware reset (pulling NRST low) but when it is power cycled, or has a software reset (NVIC_SystemReset();) It gets hung up on the following functions:

#define T_CS()   GPIO_ResetBits(TOUCH_CS_PORT, TOUCH_CS_PIN);

I have traced it and it alternates which one it hangs on . 

What is the hardware reset doing different than  software reset/power cycle? and is there a way to trigger an NRST reset in software? As I understand it, the NRST pin is just attached to an interrupt.

If it matters, I am using an stm32f407VG running at 168Mhz off of a 16Mhz HSE.