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Using TIM3_CH1 to generate a delayed one-shot pulse

Question asked by Darcy on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by Matthias Dübon
Hi guys, it's been a few years since I've worked with the timers on these micro's and I've been rediscovering how much of a pain they can be.

Please refresh my memory so I at least know whether i'm wasting my time or not (trying to make this work)...

I'm trying to set up TIM3 to generate a one-shot pulse using CH1 output (full remap to PC6)

I have two options:
1.  A delayed single pulse on TIM3_CH1 triggered by software
2.  A delayed single pulse on TIM3_CH1 triggered by a rising edge on TIM2_CH2

Right now, I'd like to just get #1 working...  Then I can work on #2.  So, ignoring TIM2 completely for now...

Can I set up TIM3 CH1 in a one-pulse mode that I can then trigger by software (e.g. by setting an update flag etc)?  Or, do I need to use another timer channel on TIM3 to stop CH1 once it's started?

In short, using a software trigger I'd like to have a delay of x ms, before a oneshot pulse y ms in duration.

All the examples I've seen seem to require an external trigger to kick off the oneshot slave timer channel.

Thanks all