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Save ADC Data in Flash

Question asked by martin.sergio on Jul 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by martin.sergio

   I'm trying to sample a signal with the ADC and store data in the Micro Internal Flash.

   At the moment I sample the data with the ADC in continous mode and save the Data from ADC1_DR_Address with the DMA in RAM Area, but I need store more data.

   Is it possible that the DMA write it directly in Flash Area?

   I tried to save the data using "FLASH_Status FLASH_ProgramWord(uint32_t Address, uint32_t Data);" function but the time it takes to write the buffer is more time than it takes to fill completely.

For example if my Ram Area is 70Kb i can save 70*1024/2 samples, and i fill that in 1 second (aprox I sample at 35Khz), but if I want to write 35K samples with FLASH_ProgramWord it takes arrond 1.25 seconds  if I do so:

    /* Reset flags */

    /* Fill the flash buffer */
    addr = (uint32_t)INIT_FLASH_ADDR_DATA_REGION;
    nw = TS_FLASH_size >> 2;
    for (i=0 ; i<nw ; i++) {
        status = FLASH_ProgramWord(addr, 2datasamples[i]);
        if (status != FLASH_COMPLETE) {
            /* Fail saving data */
        addr += 4;

so I can't record the Data when the interruption DMA_IT_HT of the DMA, occurrs.

Is possible write in flash faster??

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