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STM32L152RB EEPROM Confusion

Question asked by grove.kevin on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2013 by Clive One
I have a couple questions about the onboard eeprom found in the STM32L152RB and similar devices. 

My first question has to do with erasing the memory.  CD00242299 (the flash programming application note) mentions a double-word EEPROM erase, but states that it can only be performed from SRAM.  Does this mean the code itself has to be written to SRAM, or just the value 0x00000000 that is being written to the register?

My second question is, is there any way to write more than a single word to the EEPROM at a time?  I am finding writes to be painfully slow and am looking for any way to speed up the operation.  The manual talks about half-page writes to program memory, but not the EEPROM.  Aren't they both just different banks of flash?  Is it because of the way the memories are addressed (EEPROM being byte-addressable or something)?

Just trying to wrap my head around the EEPROM.  Any insight would be great!  Thanks in advance.