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STM32L151 flash size

Question asked by lupal on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2013 by malund.erik
Hi all,
I am using STM32L151CBU6 and STM32L151C8U6 with 128KB and 64KB Flash, respectively.
However, Atollic Truestudio (via ST-Link) is able to flash 88KB to the one with 64KB Flash and it seams working correctly. My own bootloader also flashes 88KB and it works.
It seems that C8U6 is just a "renamed" CBU6.
The only thing is that ST-Link utility sees C8U6 as 64KB target and does not allow to flash it over 64KB, but it reads full 128KB.

Does anyone have some experience about this?
Is it just the batch of C8U6 I have in hand?
Would it reliable enough? I guess ST can't guarantee it.