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Standby mode and alarm strange problem

Question asked by s.esat on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2013 by STOne-32
After producing the first 100 products for the customer , we noticed that 10% of the products around 10 units getting faults.

Our products wakeup from wakeup pin  then after operation it goes to standby mode waiting again a wakeup button to be pressed , and also everyday at certian  fix time it wakes up from the alarm of RTC . we noticed about 10 %  of the units  when wakes from RTC alarm the stm32f407 get stucks some where .. and cannot be closed waiting a reset only ...
the strange thing when waking up from wakeup pin all is ok ... and no problem .
we have been duging for a week.. is it bug of STM32f4 with RTC alarm and standby .. or what i am doing wrong here ..
Thank you in advanced