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Looking for a competitive STM32 reference

Question asked by rocca.stephane on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2013 by rocca.stephane
Hi all,

I had good experiences on STM32F4 peripherals, and I look now for a competitive price STM32 reference (I found STM32L152C6 is the cheapest, but I'd appreciate your feedback a lot) that could match that features :
- 3.3V operations
- 1x i2c at 400 kHz (DMA+int : I coded exisiting driver version for STM32F4, it could be nice that it could be reused ;).
- Standby mode with low power (ultra low prefered but not critical).
- 1x 16 bits Timer, a few EXTIO...
- a few eeprom would have been nice

In a first mode:
- only one peripheral on a SPI bus, that produce DATA by DMA read operation,
- SDIO bus for recording that DATA on a µSD card (4 Gb and more), with a maximum write speed of 1 Mb/s, with DMA, and with the lowest footprint on RAM (what RAM amount do you think is ok, please ?)
I found Fat fs library with driver for SDIO, will it be a good starting place for STM32L152C6 ?

In a second mode :
- the DATA recorded on µSD during the first mode are transfered via USB High speed, with a mass storage declaration (new to that) :
     - is there any library/example I can start with for that purpose ?
     - What HSE value would you recommend ?
- and with firmware flashing capability (by USART only ? Or is it possible by a special file on µSD ?) : is there any library/example I can start with for that purpose ?

Thanks in advance for your answers