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Connection issue

Question asked by michel.paul_henri on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2014 by kaviani.vahid

Until yesterday I haven't got any problems to launch my code into flash memory with CooCoxIDE. STLink utility and STMStudio have worked well also.
But this morning, I can't do all thius things :

C:\CooCox\CoIDE>"C:/CooCox/CoIDE/bin\coflash.exe" program STM32F407VG "..../Desktop/test/Debug/bin/test.elf" --adapter-name=ST-Link --port=SWD --adapter-clk=1000000 --erase=affected --driver="C:/CooCox/CoIDE/flash/STM32F4xx_1024.elf"  
Error: Connect failed, check config and cable connection

STLink Utility says :
No target connected

But the com LED is ON when I connect my board on usb port... But when the CooCox IDE launcheds the message error, this LED is turned OFF. I don't understand what's this funky problem.
I tried to plug BOOT0 with VDD but it makes nothing seemingly...