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STM32F0 SPI to SPI using DMA controller

Question asked by on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by eaglewatch
I am using a STM32F0 chip and I have a serial flash chip hooked up to SPI1 and a 1.7" serial display hooked up to SPI2.  I have a YMODEM protocol implemented and have uploaded images to the flash.  I also have a some buttons hooked up to flip through the images in the flash.  It is running pretty good I am reading a buffer in from the flash and sending it via DMA over SPI2 to the display.  I have been trying to get the DMA controller to read the flash and send it directly to the display with little success.  I did seem to get the transfer to work but the reads were not clocking so the data was not changing.  I have tried to use a buffer and circular mode for the spi hooked to the display but have never been able to get the buffer synchronization right, the DMA controller was sending the buffer faster than I could refill it causing some colorful displays to say the least.  Has anyone had success or seen an example out there that shows how to implement SPI to SPI communication without involving the MCU?

Thanks in advance.