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identify the PORT generating an EXTI

Question asked by dice on Jul 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by dice
dear all,

   I hope this finds you well. I am relatively new to such technology and I am working on some drivers. The board I am using has 4 LEDs, a joystick and a couple of buttons (WAKEUP and USER). I have implemented a simple program where I was polling the state of the joystick and the push-buttons and switching LEDs ON and OFF. The next step was to modify the program and use interrupts to switch LEDs instead, according to the push-button/the joystick pin pressed.
The LEFT joystick pin is connected to PC0 whereas the WAKEUP button to PA0. These are multiplexed on EXTI_LINE0. I have swiftly looked in the reference manual but I could not find a way to identify the port which is generating the interrupt on EXTI_LINE0. Is there a way to check that?

thank you!