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STM32F4xx IAP - passing arguments

Question asked by k.jakub on Jul 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by k.jakub

I'd like to have algorithm executing application (from 0x8004000) operating on data buffered in my modified IAP firmware (2 x (uint16_t [128]) located after IAP code, before 0x8004000).

But after compiling my IAP I don't know where they are located exactly. I can get those addresses via pointer but how to pass them (and int size of them) to my application?

Sounds weird but I'd like to have SOMETHING LIKE main(int *buf1, int *buf2, int size) in my application.

I could make it a function like myFunction(int *buf1, int *buf2, int size)  for 0x8004000 code but I woudn't know how to compile it (as a library?)

I'm using Keil.