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STM32F407 ADC Scan operation

Question asked by John F. on Jul 11, 2013
The STM32F407 ADC(s) support scan mode where a predetermined group of ADC input channels are successively converted with the results DMA'd to a circular memory array at the end of the group conversion. This works but, while debugging (including breakpoint stops), I've seen the scan get out of sync with the memory buffer. I guess this doesn't normally happen so I'm not too worried ... but, I wondered.

Since the scan can be over as many as 16 channels, is it OK to convert the same channel more than once? Choosing an appropriate sequence could allow a rudimentary sanity check that the data are correctly aligned in the buffer (as certain channels should contain similar results) and would also allow channel results from multiple conversions in one scan to be averaged to reduce noise.

Anyone have any information or opinion please?