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IWDG on STM32f3

Question asked by arno on Jul 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2013 by Clive One
Dear all,

I'm currently developping under stm32f3 discovery and I'm experiencing difficulties with the IWDG.
In a first version of my software, I've been using the std peripheral library to set up the IWDG with the following code :
    uint16_t reload = 0x0FFF;
    IWDG_WriteAccessCmd (IWDG_WriteAccess_Enable);
    IWDG_SetPrescaler        (IWDG_Prescaler_256);
    IWDG_SetReload             (reload);

    while(IWDG_GetFlagStatus (IWDG_FLAG_PVU || IWDG_FLAG_RVU || IWDG_FLAG_WVU) == RESET);        


And I simply use the following command to reload it : IWDG_ReloadCounter();

This works fine but, now if I comment the part of my code related to the IWDG and reflash the memory and hard reset the thing, The watchdog remain activated and keep on reseting...

My questions are:
Why does the IWDG keeps on running whereas I just don't use it anymore in my code ?
Is there a way to shut it down ?

Thanks for your help.